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For the sake of brevity I will try and keep it short.

I am a lifelong painter and creator. I started painting and drawing when I was about 5. I am influenced by everything around me from Robert Rauschenberg, to Xul Solar, Man Ray etc.

I am an avid cinephile and love visual expression. 

I was a signalman in the U.S. Navy coding and decoding secret messages.  I later went to Europe in 2005 on my own personal curated art education trip. I spent a couple of months going from city to city exploring galleries, museums and archaeological sites to see all of the things I had read about as a kid.

I later spent 4 years in South America further

developing as an artist and later studying Printmaking at USP. 

 Motorcycling, card magic, photography and reading are passions of mine and I am also the creator of Maven Playing Cards, which was a project I developed while studying printmaking in Brazil. 

Call me and let's make some great art!!!




Art Direction


Motion Graphics

Branding Identity/Logo Design

Fine Arts/Print-making & Painting

Profficient in:


Substance Painter

Z Brush

After Effects



I love the process of art creation and development and seeing a project through its completion. Contact me and let's make some cool art!

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