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What really happens when a work of art is stolen?

What is lost and how does it's absence affect humanity?


These are just a couple of questions that I am exploring in an ongoing art project. This is a project that requires group participation. If interested to learn more, click the red button and send me your name, where you're from and what interests you about art theft. I am trying to get people from all over the world so pass the word.

 I will provide all participants with a specific piece of paper and all you have to do is fill in the lines just like a coloring book! All in all it could take you anywhere from 1-10 minutes. After that stick it in an envelope and send it back. Most are the size of a standard postcard.

 Click the big red button to participate in Art Theft Recovery Services and you will be sent your INDOC kits. You do not have to pay anything to participate, just a willingness to follow through with the task, have fun and be open.

This message has been approved by Art Theft Recovery Services a division of D.O.D.O

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